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Whitney Houston WAS dating a woman and was bisexual

Call it bintuition but I do feel that with our quest for equality and the LGBT movement that future generations will loose this obsession with gender and date people for their personality not genitals.

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And that is what this place is about. We're going to throw some light on the subject. Welcome to TS Girlfriend. The menu is below.

Some of my most entertaining stories have come from my dating chronicles, but so have some of my worst. Through these experiences, both hot and not, I’ve found there are four main types of guys I run into, being an out transgender woman. They go as follows:

Ain 8767 t no one playing hard to get when you 8767 re just as likely to flirt with the girls gay best friend as you are her.

I guess because you 8767 ve looked past the physical and in to the personality the bond is just stronger. Unlike most people I 8767 m not looking for someone to fill the role of 8766 the man 8767 in my life or 8766 the Missus 8767 .

Having the opportunity to date men I’m attracted to is humbling. I know I’m blessed with an abnormally normal life for a transgender person during this time in history. I hope this gives a glimpse into a transgender woman’s dating life, as well as insight for transgender women who are out there doing the same. I am reminded that I do not need to rely on any man to feel whole. Between these men and dating ruts, I’ve become fun and carefree again, and for now I’m focusing on loving myself completely, and taking in the smaller accomplishments I make everyday as an out transgender woman.

Right after I brushed off the conservative guy, in walked another dreamboat. At 6’8,” he was smart, funny, ambitious, well-rounded, and had overcome a struggle of his own. After meeting twice, we went on what was supposed to be a quick coffee and hiking date. Instead, our effortless connection led to a two-hour breakfast, long hike, and two-hour dinner in one day. I even opened up to him about my fear of men dating me solely to “see what it’s like” to be with a trans woman.

I went on to tell him my entire story, including how abnormally normal my life has been as a transgender woman. At one point, he got confused during my explanation of the gender spectrum and thought I was a hermaphrodite, which he would have been okay with because in that case, I “couldn’t help it.”   The conversation ended when I said, “I don’t need to explain myself to you. I want someone who likes me even more because of the courage I had as a teen.” His rebuttal: “Well, for the next guy you should probably tell him first.” I walked away.

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