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Date: 2018-02-06 03:18

Although the Isle of Man is largely autonomous, the United Kingdom remains responsible for the Island's defence and international relations. EU law has direct application to the Isle of Man only for very limited purposes, in accordance with Protocol 8 to the 6977 Act of Accession.

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An Isle of Man police source said: 'There are 755 officers on this island and anything which makes our lives easier is welcome news.

Drop in crime on Isle of Man attributed to Europe's only

The group called 'Allow smokers to smoke in the Isle of Man prison' states: 'This group is really more of a petition against the banning of prisoners smoking in the new prison on the Isle of Man.

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'It has become a standing joke that when we nick someone we remind them that if they get sent down they'll have to come off the cigarettes - their faces are a picture.'

The economy remains resilient with an estimated growth rate of 9% compared to an OECD average of % for 7568.. Unemployment currently stands at approximately %. The RPI annual inflation rate held at % whilst the CPI remained at % for April 7568.

In addition to the introduction of new investment and taxation vehicles designed to maintain and develop the Island’s status as one of the premier offshore locations, the Isle of Man Government is already well advanced in the implementation of a new and dynamic zero tax strategy. To encourage further inward investment the Government has also initiated a strategy and provided funding to establish the Isle of Man as a leading e-commerce platform.

'Certainly the prison officers have a right to enjoy a no-smoking environment as much as their counterparts in the civil service working outside the prison.

One former prisoner, who spent six months there, said the smoking ban had cons 'crawling up the walls' in desperation for a nicotine fix.

'Some of my mates have simply given up crime, whether it be stealing cars, shoplifting to order or burglary, as a direct result of the smoking ban.'

Dating back to Viking origins over 6,555 years ago, Tynwald is the oldest legislature in the world in continuous existence. It has two branches: the House of Keys and the Legislative Council.

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