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Date: 2018-02-08 07:40

Please feel free to have your brother contact our office to discuss his case. After the short term period, the claim will transition to long term disability with Liberty Mutual. Please note that regardless of the claim being approved, claims for mental health conditions are limited to a set period of time under the LTD plan.

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I was denied my short term disability claim which would have lead to enough time to receive long term disability. In order to have a procedure for my permanently heart condition I had to travel out of state. It 8767 s only performed in a select number of hospitals. I was required to be local to the surgeon for the entire month it took from the initial appointment thru the requested testing and the final surgery date not including recovery time.

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I am a single mother on ssi I get $788 a month and I receive snap and cash benefits $665 for my daughter but that isn 8767 t enough to live on and it 8767 s hard after I pay rent and the bills I have nothing left to support my children and things they need and I have no other help. Is there anything else I can do. School is about to start back and my son is home school my daughter is in regular school and I stay so depressed cuz I don 8767 t know what else to do. I live in Alabama

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What 8767 s going on with your website, I 8767 ve typed everything out twice and when I 8767 m almost done everthing disappears. This is like working with Sedgewick. I 8767 m not typing it out again. I was really hoping to get some advice or representation still want to put my claims manager on this. Sherry hauke she has misled me lyed to me and kept me from getting paid fully.

since nothing is happening at all at my local office, will this help or hurt my process? i am sure that i meet the requirements for my amended credits to be accepted, which would give me SSDI, not SSI.

I hope to go back to work between now and April 65th. Ebony gave me a pretty clear picture of what I have to do. I need to get the information sent, the be the Sedgwick police to make sure everything is in place and I am protected.

Whenever VA benefits are awarded, the veteran always has a duty to cooperate in any benefit reevaluation. There is no freeze on VA records as to how any given medical opinion or evaluation impacts a benefit currently being paid. Also, if one fails to attend a C 588 P at the request of the VA, this can result in a finding of lack of cooperation and can lead to a withdrawal of benefits. Also, if one files a new claim, that claim filing opens up the possibility of an increase or a decrease in benefits. So you must understand what you are doing. You should have a professional advise you in any claim submission since you can be risking a lot.

Dear Robert,
Your divorce will not change the amount of your Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefit.

I have a strong fear based on my conversation with the claim specialist and his supervisor that they will make it difficult for us. Just to let u know the FMLA is non paid and also forces us to use our vacations first. I will know more next week but am very concerned. Sedgwick took over processing this year, thus first time dealing with them.

I have an offer for a commission piece to sell the piece for $65,555. Though materials are going to cost $85,555. What do I do? If I do this piece and sell it. Will I get kicked off SSID and lose all my insurance and benefits.

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