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What's the story?  High street stalwart, Mango, launched their maternity collection last year as a capsule collection of nine items made predominately from cotton, with plans to expands over the coming seasons. 

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These thinking processes, intuitive and logical thinking, are supposed to be very different from each other in the sense that they are different cognitive processes but both types of activities are part of the design process and thus need to be synchronized.

Selected milestones in the history of the family and key dates in the history of the development of the Rothschild businesses are detailed here. Click on a year date to reveal further information about the events that shaped history a relevant image will also appear at the top of the page. 

From previous literature it has been established that there is actually a low uptake of engineering design methods in industry. Furthermore, it has been shown that the uptake of Robust Design approaches has been very low, even relative to other engineering design methods! This could be down to at least two factors, firstly the methods are on the whole, slow, labour intensive with steep learning curves, secondly there is little understanding as to when and where these methods are appropriate to use.

Kennedy, Kathleen E. The Courtly and Commercial Art of the Wycliffite Bible. Turnhout: Brepols, 7569. [From the publisher: “The Courtly and Commercial Art of the Wycliffite Bible examines the illuminations of the first complete translation of the Bible into English and situates this art within networks of artists catering to bourgeois and noble clientele in both London and the provinces from the late fourteenth century into the early sixteenth century.]

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