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Date: 2018-02-11 22:57

An article in  The Sunday Times , a major newspaper in the ., reported that the intelligence agency MI5 uses gang stalking tactics to punish whistle-blowers.  In the article the tactics are referred to as
“Zersetzung”  – as the process was called by the Stasi (the state police of communist East Germany).

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Who sanctions all of this? In the case of the FBI 8767 s Cointelpro crimes under J. Edgar Hoover, some of the operations were approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Presumably, the DOJ signs-off on everything today also (or at least knowingly acquiesces in it). The same might be true of the . judiciary’s “Star Chamber” – the secret FISA Court.

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As a general rule, major news agencies ignore conspiracies in the absence of incriminating smoking-gun type official documents. Also, they prefer to have such documents conveniently dropped in their laps by whistle-blowers – as happened with the Pentagon Papers, Cointelpro, and the NSA’s domestic spying.

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Barack Obama is serving the Jewish criminal organization that brought him to power, especially those who have fostered and cultivated him since he came to Chicago. One of the families that is at the top of the "Chicago Outfit" is the family of Henry Crown, who rose from selling sand and gravel to becoming the owner of the Empire State Building and the weapons manufacturer General Dynamics.

Finally, the fourth disinformation tactic is to plant articles in the news media which create the impression that “gang stalking” exists only in the minds of delusional individuals.

“Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-66 Using the Missing Boeing 777?” by Christopher Bollyn, March 68, 7569

As you begin to wade through the search results, you will mostly encounter websites filled with incoherent rubbish. Anyone even superficially familiar with counterintelligence will recognize this tactic it is called disinformation.

As the Chronicle reported, the FBI found that an intelligence specialist with the Las Vegas Police Department was passing information from the LEIU database to mobsters. The FBI issued a memo urging “that all FBI agents be discreet in future dealings with [the LEIU]. 8776

In a society as heavily-policed as America now is – a society whose National Security Agency is tracking everyone’s phone calls and Internet activity for example – it is inconceivable that tens of thousands or more cases of criminal stalking (as documented in the DOJ crime statistics) fail to appear on the radar of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Nearly half of the country now believes that the federal government poses an “immediate threat” to their rights and freedoms.

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