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Exactly I don 8767 t really like all this alpha/beta bullshit unfortunately in our culture everybody wants to be the star of the movie, even if its just the movie playing in their own head that no one else gives a shit about. Nobody wants to be part of the supporting cast..so everyone is now suddenly a self proclaimed 8775 alpha 8776 . Textbook definition of a narcissistic society.

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As a guy -- you're using the site as a tool to get a first date, where you hope to impress her with your personality, your humor, your looks -- whatever. But on the site, you can't use your dashing smile or your wink after a joke to make her fall in love with you. All you have are your words -- so slow down, carve them out, and let her see your personality and your heart by what you write.

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So rather than put in any real effort on self improvement that will make us more successful and more happy all around, we should just externalize our problems and go get used by foreign women?

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It’s an online dating app. When it first came onto the scene, it was used more as a hook-up/no strings sex app because it finds you potential matches based on their proximity to you. But now almost everyone seems to be on it.

heres what you don't understand. you and other women have the luxury to sit there and say "EVERY person who wrote to me" men are putting in ALL the same effort and then the added effort of being the one who has to scroll through profiles for hours and send the messages. worry if they are saying the right or wrong thing. meanwhile you can sit there and judge all the men and all the messages you are receiving. the hostility comes from the blissful ignorance that women have about this. it comes off as something like going to the sudan and telling the starving people living there why you don't like tacos or that if a waiter brings you a steak medium rare you send it back. try to wrap your head around that.

He does exist. He comes to the village, impregnates all women and goes away. To another village. Then he comes back next year. Women are programmed to have children with the best men they can find. That's natural selection. I'm not blaming anyone. The rest of life is a bunch of different stories, some are funny, some are happy but half of them are sad. And now because of the computers are running dating scene, we have data to prove it. I think that this is first stage, we just noticed that something is wrong.

Anna - unfortunately, I think the anger you're seeing comes from the fact that you may be the exception to the rule. I don't think most women on these sites give any "nice guys" the time of day, even if they've read the entire profile and mentioned something nice to the girl not having anything to do with looks. Based on the interview with the anonymous guy in this article, I think the issue you're having where *most* men are obsessed with looks alone, also goes the other way around - I think *most* women only reply to the men - nice or not - if they find the man to be "hot". I think everyone is to blame for being overly superficial, to be honest.

Do we know how old the OP is relative to her fella?
Anyway, the goal of the OP is not to have the guy pull down his profile, it 8767 s to have the guy want to pull down his profile (which means that asking him to do it probably doesn 8767 t get what she really wants). Seems to me like the guy is sending a message so clear that only the OP could miss it.
Good luck, Barb.

I don t know why all my formatting went POOF when I posted this comment? I swear to you there were paragraphs with spaces between them. Anyway I apologize if the wall of words makes your eyes bleed.

The app’s designed for mobile users, and it shows. The layout’s clear and it’s simple to use. Perfect to fill minutes when you’re waiting for the bus.

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