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Some 855 km to the east is East Malaysia ( Malaysia Timur ), which occupies the northern third of the island of Borneo , shared with Indonesia and Brunei. Partly covered in impenetrable jungle where headhunters roam (on GSM networks if nothing else), East Malaysia is rich in natural resources but very much Malaysia's hinterland for industry, and focused more on mass than individual tourism. Both East and West Malaysia have been subjected to vast logging activities in the last decades, however, and much of its rainforests have been transformed into palm oil plantations, especially in the flatter areas. Areas with pristine rainforest do remain, though, especially inland where the terrain is more mountainous.

Malaysia News and Weather from Kuala Lumpur and Borneo

Visas are required and permission must be granted from Ministry Of Home Affairs for citizens of Israel. For nationals of Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro, visas are required without permission granted from Ministry Of Home Affairs. Nationals of countries other than those stated above (with the exception of Israel) are allowed to enter Malaysia without a visa for a visit not exceeding one month.

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You can walk in/out of Thailand at Wang Kelian and Padang Besar (both in Perlis ), Bukit Kayu Hitam ( Kedah ), Pengkalan Hulu ( Perak ) and Rantau Panjang ( Kelantan ). However, crossing the Causeway or the Second Link on foot from Singapore is not allowed.

Historical Melaka - Malaysia Truly Asia

Unemployed Zaim Khalis Kosnan, 85, had spotted the huge reptile on his way home in Kuala Langat in Malaysia's Selangor state in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Land crossings are possible from southern Thailand and Singapore into Peninsular Malaysia , as well as from Brunei and Kalimantan (the Indonesian side of Borneo) into Sarawak. An International Drivers Permit (IDP) is required. See the respective city or state pages for more detailed information.

From eclectic colonial-style guesthouses to gleaming contemporary properties, the best hottels in Malacca provide Read More.

In practice, the king is only the nominal Head of State, while the Prime Minister is the one who wields the most authority in government.

The national railway operator in Peninsular Malaysia is the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM, also known as Malayan Railways), which offers international train services to Thailand (together with the State Railway of Thailand) and Singapore. KTM tickets up to 85 days in advance can be bought online at the KTM e-ticketing website.

Obtaining a working visa takes some effort. The easiest way to work in Malaysia is probably to work for an overseas company and get posted to Malaysia. The Malaysian Immigration Department website [86] has basic advice. In order to obtain a work permit, you need to have an offer from your future employer who will have to do the paperwork for you. It's very expensive and comes with many restrictions if a company wants to hire a foreigner and as such next to impossible. As stated above, a feasible way is to get transfered. Finding a job is otherwise unlikely unless you are getting married to a local and even then it remains difficult.

Tap water is drinkable straight off the tap as it is treated (depending on location), but even locals boil or filter it first just to be on the safe side. When travelling it is best to stick to bottled water, which is very affordable.

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