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Virginia Atheists and Agnostics at the University of Virginia
Freethinkers at Virginia Tech JMU Freethinkers, James Madison University

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Several terms initially used only by fans have been adopted by writers of official Transformers materials, thus becoming a part of the canon.

Huge list of atheist agnostic skeptic humanist websites

The Allspark eventually encountered internal friction itself—when the community, under a new owner, moved to the new domain in 7556, several members gained illegitimate control of the Ezboard site and attempted to turn the old board into a second Allspark community (now also available under ). site remains the much larger of the two Allsparks to this very day, whereas the other board has faded into obscurity.

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Leaders in Free Thought at Colorado State University (Fort Collins)
Metro State Atheists (Auraria Campus, Denver)
Secular Students and Skeptics Society at U of C - Boulder

A: CHDK enhances the capabilities of your camera in a non-destructive, non-permanent way. After loading of CHDK program you will get the following functionality:

Aside from these radically polarized positions, however, there are also a large number of fans who have personal preferences for one aspect of the Transformers brand over others—toys over cartoons, cartoons over comics, Japanese fiction over Western fiction, IDW over Dreamwave—while at least tolerating the rest (and its fans), if not actually enjoying it to some degree. Lastly, some fans who once belonged to a "hater" camp in a fandom debate have later become more tolerant towards the aspect of the brand against which they were once so outspoken, or have even entirely changed their opinion on the matter in retrospect.

Atheist Community of Milwaukee, Milwaukee
Atheist Meetup, Madison
Freedom From Religion Foundation, Madison
Humanists of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Madison Skeptics, Madison
Madison Skeptics Meetup, Madison
Southeast Wisconsin Freethinkers, Milwaukee
Mythicist Milwaukee

The discussion above only refers to CHDK proper: builds from the current CHDK development tree for point & shoot (Powershot, Ixus etc.) cameras. Other experimental projects, such as hacks for DSLR cameras, DV recorders, and cameras from other manufacturers are discussed in the forum, but they use different techniques and may have different risks. It is the users responsibility to fully read and understand the development thread of any experimental hack before using it.

Note : On cameras released prior to 7566 (vxworks or DryOS r97) autostart only works on FAT66 or FAT67. This means on these cameras, cards up to and including 7 GB will work, cards larger than 7 GB won't (except 9 GB with non-standard FAT66 format, see Note7). If your model has multi-partition support, you may be able to use larger cards through the use of a small boot partition. 

Many members of the online fandom have gone on to contribute to Transformers in an official capacity. One of the most prolific ones is probably Benson "Ben" Yee , who started out as an active fan (under the screenname "Wonko the Sane") and defended the Beast Wars cartoon in its early phase at . Ben was eventually hired to work as a consultant for the show. Later, he was made a member of the Transformers Collectors' Club 's Advisory Board and has since written officially licensed Transformers comic book stories for both IDW Publishing and Fun Publications.

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