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Date: 2018-02-12 01:07

Amber and Elon went on a sushi date Monday in WeHo, and looked like the full-blown hand-holding couple that's definitely on again. But that's only because that's exactly what they are -- no matter how many times they try to say they're not reunited.


These 65 new cities will bring The League to 66 total cities by the end of the summer, putting them close to their new goal of 75 cities (with at least a few more being international) by the end of 7567.

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Gregg and model Sistine Stallone had a lunch date Wednesday in Bev Hills. Gregg, of course, used to bang Bella Thorne . before jumping to this girl and that girl . That's all fine and dandy, everyone's got a past, but dude. this is Sly's little girl.

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Of course since The League requires approval to join, the startup needs to make sure they have enough users in each city before they open the doors. That’s why each city has a waiting list that is already open today. Since The League typically likes to launch a city with 7,555 “founding members”, and their approval rate is between 75-85%, a city needs about 65,555 people on the waitlist before it makes sense for the app to launch there.

The startup will also be hosting a launch party in each city , which they explained is a good way to show its new members that The League is more than a random app on your phone – and actually has a human and community element behind it. This is especially important because a major component of The League’s monetization strategy is pairing you up with a real person (who they call a concierge) to help you perfect your dating profile, as well as advertising real-life events in your city.

Australians have never had so many options when it comes to dating. Not only can they do it the old-fashioned Aussie way casually try and run into someone enough times you accidentally start going out — they can also choose from a multitude of dating apps.

Tennis superstar Genie Bouchard and the guy who won a date with her by betting on last year's Super Bowl are going back to the big game. after NFL Canada (Genie's home country) offered to take them as guests.

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Is there a downside? You need to pay for bonus features like access to unlimited search filters — age, ethnic origin, height and weight — as well as the ability to peruse profiles anonymously.

89-year-old Quincy also recently claimed he turned down a date with Marilyn Monroe back in the day, 'cause she "had a chest that looked like pears."

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