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Date: 2018-02-10 09:51

The shop is new to me but guess what ?
Sophia (from Kogarah Massage) was working there on the Saturday I visited (!!!)
Should have seen her face when she opened the front door and saw me.

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I met 8 UTS college kids from Grindr today. I sucked them all in the Westfield parking lot in the back of my Toyota Pathfinder. An Asian kid was the last, and the prettiest. As I sucked him, I fingered his arse. I bent over an he deposited his load up my hole. Afterwards I texted a fuckbuddy who lived locally to tell him I had a hot Asian uni student 8767 s load in my arse. He was there in about 5 minutes flat to eat it out.

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Just to let everyone in the loop. I came across a new massage parlour in the shire. (Cronulla).
Its a nice little place 685 Cronulla st Cronulla.
I was greeted by an attractive and polite lady. Who later informed me that she was owner/operator. I then was introduced to 7girls who you might say had the complete package. I picked 6 girl called Wendy gave me a service that l would recommend to anyone with confidence. I will definetlybe going back for in a couple of the other girl looked like a pocket will keep all that are interested tuned.

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I never got to bareback her but yes she is 66/65.
And yes she did mention that her preference is middle eastern men.

Visited just before Christmas on a Wednesday afternoon and was met by Selena Chinese of late 75 8767 s or early 85 8767 s. The usual $85 for 85 and another $95 got her naked (I offered $85, she asked for $55 and we settled on $95).

Wartboy.. You are really: Nicola Tesla (with brains the size of peas), Steve, Fucking Cheeto, Jamie (puke), BJ Thomas (lets hope you can really sing while you lick arse holes), Uigeadail, Tarzan of the (ape really).
Find yourself a wife or girlfriend you desperado.
Yes, I know you surf the porn sites at 7am. Pervert

I think moderation of post is killing this Ste.
Today is the 9th and the most recent post displayed is from the 6th.

Hey Guys !!
Not guilty on that one. I had the same problem locked my computer and reference to some bogus Microsoft site.
It 8767 s called the ZEUS virus and doesn 8767 t seem too serious. I forced a restart on my computer and ran some malware software. Seems to have gone.
As for Churchy I have it on good authority his is disgusted with everyone and gone to Rome. But he did send his XXOO you all.

Dear me. Tsk tsk tsk. Pal has posted another vitriolic comment but hides under the name of 8775 Big Bad Abdulla 8776 . You are a joke Wartboy

Handy Admin is on holidays AGAIN! When he gets back he will get the comp nerds onto the problem because its been like that for nearly two up the coast seing Admin please hose the vomit off his chest and put a stamp on him and send him back to Shitmey he has work to do!

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