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Date: 2018-02-12 14:13

If you do the work suggested in the course it will have a positive effect on what you 8767 re struggling with. You 8767 ve already wisely named the root cause of your anxiety: 8775 I think I have redirected/attributed my general anxiety towards my fiancé 8776 . In other words, you know that this has nothing to do with him but that he 8767 s the screen onto which you 8767 re projecting your anxiety. The first step of the work is to take all focus OFF of him and put it where it belongs: onto you.

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Roger from Wigan, here on his second visit, commented: “I can understand it, the place is very commercial. And if I understand what’s written on some of these placards, they are complaining that tourism is forcing their rents up. I can sympathise with that.”

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This was one of the key issues behind the march, as the money to be made from holiday lets is forcing rents up and driving people out of the city.

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It 8767 s an irresponsible mindset because it shifts all emotional responsibility to the other person and burdens them with it (when, really, the individual is the only one who 8767 s ultimately responsible for their emotions, actions and reactions nobody else can be).

This whole 8775 neediness 8776 topic was a big topic when the article was originally written and it still is My reason for writing on the subject was I so saw many articles that had nothing constructive to offer the discussion.

The course was designed to address exactly what you 8767 re struggling with. I encourage you to take the leap and give yourself the gift of accurate information, effective tools, exercises, and support.

First sorry for my bad English, I 8767 ll do my best! My problem is that I can 8767 t know if I really have this trouble! I have already had some troubles like that, but this time I am lost because I feel that maybe it 8767 s the truth! All I want it 8767 s love him, but one day, I started to ask me 8775 If you don 8767 t love him? I you fall in love with somebody else? 8776 and now I feel like I could fall in love again, like I stay with him just because I don 8767 t want to be alone! It makes me crazy! I want answers but I 8767 m afraid to understand that i really don 8767 t love him anymore! Have I this trouble or it is the truth that I juste don 8767 t want to accept?

It 8767 s fine to want something but feeling entitled to something as if it 8767 s owed to you? Not very effective (or attractive)

Sheryl, is this a course that a couple could go through together? My wife and I have been happily (I thought) married for five years, and now she is questioning whether I am the one for her or not. I found you through your 8775 The Grass is Always Greener Syndrome 8776 article on Huffington Post, and I think my wife is feeling similar to the woman you described in the article, although I 8767 m not sure an ex is at the root of it or not. She 8767 s willing to work on this, and I 8767 m willing to try anything. Thanks.

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